This module has been developed to visualise the point clouds. The main fetures of the tool are:
(i) visualisation by means of regular grids;
(ii) availability of basic functions as rotation, translation and scaling of the point clouds;
(iii) variable setting of the sampling step (i.e., of the resolution);
(iv) visualisation of the colour information;
(v) setting of the parameters of the visualisation (grid colour, frame colour, point dimension, point colour, ecc.);
(vi) multi-document environment, for the visualisation of different views of the same point cloud and/or different point clouds;
(vii) filtering of isolated points (outlayers);
(viii) editing of groups of points;
(ix) compatibility with the ROT (rotate), the OPL (Optolab), the OPT (Opentechnologies s.r.l) and PIF (InnovMetric Inc.) file formats;
(x) availability of an interactive, user friendly working environment, developed on the OpenGL library.
Fig. 1 shows an example of the facilities available in the module. The same point cloud is visualised in two independent windows, at different resolution, with the colour information (left view) and representing the only range information (right view). The visualisation of multiple views is presented in Fig. 2.

nuvola OPL_viewer.jpg
Fig. 2