This article presents two projects carried out by students in the frame of the course of Optical Measurement. Both have been accomplished at the city museum (Museo di Santa Giulia). The former is the acquisition of a statue, the latter is the acquisition of a bass relief. In both cases, students used the Vivid 910 scanner as the measurement sensor.

The statue is the Winged Victory of Brescia, which was already measured in 2001 by using OPL-3D. The aim was to compare the measurement performances when coherent light (Vivid 910) is used instead of incoherent light (OPL-3D). The students who carried out the project are Nicola Modonesi and Davide Barba. Here you can download a brief presentation of their work.

Winged_Victory.jpg presentation_WV.jpg

The statue

Download the presentation!

The bass relief is a very large one, representing the patron saints of Brescia, St. Faustino and Giovita. The aim was to produce the triangle mesh of the bass-relief. The students who perfmed the project are Mauro Facchini and Emanuele Tonoli. Here you can download a brief presentation of their work.

st_faustino_giovita.jpg presentation_FG.jpg
The bass relief of Saints Faustino and Giovita

Download the presentation!