The natural commitment of the Laboratory to applied research and to cooperation with institutions led to the establishment of an agreement between the Comune of Brescia and the University of Brescia for the study and the 3D digitization of one of the symbols of the City, the statue named ‘Vittoria Alata’.











This 2 m-high, bronze statue is located at the Museo of Santa Giulia at Brescia.
The original motivation of the archaeologists was to measure with high accuracy the distances between pairs of fiduciary points, in order to determine the archetype of the statue, and to solve the problem of its collocation in the right temporal and spatial framework. To obtain the statue proportions, the statue was completely acquired using OPL-3D; Multiview registration, meshing and modeling of the mesh resulted in the virtual copy of the statue. By means of rapid prototyping, different copyes, varying in the reproduction scale have been developed.

The copy of the Winged Victory developed by the OPTOLAB staff represented the city of Brescia at the exhibition of the ANCI Conference, Brescia, 8-9 november 2007.

Prototype of the statue

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