3D Vision for Medicine

One of the activities carried out at the lab over the years has been to use 3D range cameras to perform the reverse engineering of free form shapes, in view of establishing a method for the achievement of topological informations of the shapes in the form of meshes. The transversal nature of the process has led to apply it to a large field of applications.

This page briefly reports the experiences carried out in legal medicine and in prosthetics applications.

All the examples share the common objective of producing a metrologically consistent description of the target surfaces, for documentation, visualization, measurement and reproduction. The quality of the models is determined by the measurement performances of the 3D sensor, the errors introduced by the alignement and the editing of the meshes, and the ability of the operator. In all the study cases, very high precision has been obtained and a good compromise between the adherence of the models to the original surfaces and the operator time.