Robot technology has evolved significantly in the past decade, technologies ranging from mechatronics to sensing, manipulation and mobility have all contributed to this evolution.
Robots are currently deployed in a wide spectrum of applications domains, spanning from Manufacturing, to Healthcare, to Agriculture, to Transport and Logistics and Consumer-end domains.

The activity developed at the Laboratory impact on the Manufacturing and the Healthcare domains. The Robo3DScan project, the Optoranger system and the Barman system are examples of how industrial robotic cells can be improved in flexibility, interaction ability and manipulation ability. The Smart Gym and the Rewalk projects are examples of applications where rehabilitation robots can be used for delivering healthcare: these two can be viewed in the Biomechanics page.

One of the recent interests of the Laboratory is the Industry 4.0 paradigm, in which smart manufacturing is a key concept: it expresses the evolution of the manufacturing enterprises toward a very high level of interconnection and cooperation of their resources. Both Information Technologies (IT) and Operational Technologies (OT) will contribute to develop very high integration at all levels inside the factory. Among the OT, those concurrent to increase the efficiency and spread of advanced automation are of interest at the levels of production, maintenance and quality control for their smart implementation.

Vision systems and image processing tools are very promising in this context, along with Artificial Intelligence algorithms that have recently faced an increased attention. Recent developments are in the directions of miniaturizing the vision components and increasing their affordability, in view of embedding and connecting them for a number of applications in process control, robotics and human-machine interaction.

Hands-Free v2 to teleoperate robotic manipulators: three axis precise positioning study

HANDS-FREE V2The idea of this thesis project is to improve the already developed teleoperation system presented at Ubiquitous Robotics by …
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Analysis and development of a teleoperation system for cobots based on vision systems and hand-gesture recognition

THE IDEA The idea behind this thesis work is to make a first step towards the development of a vision-based …
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Project Hands-Free presented at Ubiquitous Robotics 2020

Hands-Free is a ROS-based software to teleoperate a robot with the user hand. The skeleton of the hand is extracted …
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Project “RemindLy” participating in the HRI Student Competition!

Cristina Nuzzi, Stefano Ghidini, Roberto Pagani, and Federica Ragni, a team of DRIMI Applied Mechanics Ph. D. Students, participated in …
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Real-Time robot command system based on hand gestures recognition

With the Industry 4.0 paradigm, the industrial world has faced a technological revolution. Manufacturing environments in particular are required to …
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Vision and safety for collaborative robotics

The communication and collaboration between humans and robots is one of main principles of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) …
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Gesture control of robotic arm using the Kinect Module

The aim of this project is to create a remote control system for a robotic arm controlled by using the Kinect …
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Optoranger: a 3D pattern matching method for bin picking applications

Optoranger is a new method, based on 3D vision, for the recognition of free-form objects in the presence of clutters and …
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The Robo3DScan Project

Recently, the integration of vision with robots has gained considerable attention from industry. Pick and place, sorting, assembling, cutting and …
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The BARMAN project

The aim of this project is to add 2D vision to the BARMAN demonstrator shown in Fig. 1. The BARMAN is …
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