Over the years, the rapid increase of harware performances and the decreasing cost of the instrumentation (hardware and software), led us to look at 2D vision applications for industries as an independent field of activity. This trend was mainly justified by the increasing interest of industries into optical solutions for inspection problems.

Below you can find an overview of the projects. Be sure to download the presentations to learn more!

A novel optical apparatus for the study of rolling contact wear/fatigue based on a high-speed camera and multiple-source laser illumination

Rolling contact wear/fatigue tests on wheel/rail specimens are important to produce wheels and rails of new materials for improved lifetime …
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LASER ALLUMINIO: Real-time acquisition for laser welding monitoring

The objective of this project was to develop a vision system for the real-time acquisition and saving of images produced …
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SMART BREAK – Bialetti REstoration Adaptive Kit

SMART BREAK is a project funded by Regione Lombardia thanks to a grant in the field of “Smart cities and …
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Defect detection of mandrels using 3D Laser scanning

This project was committed to the Laboratory by Tenaris Dalmine, and was aimed at developing algorithms and measurement procedures for …
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A vision system for a labelling machine

In this work, a vision system specifically designed to monitor the labels on bottling lines for wine production industries is …
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