The Laboratory has worked for years in the field of medicine and image processing for medical applications and inspections, in collaboration with scientists and faculty members of Medicine Faculties of Italy. 

A list of interesting researches carried out during the years on this topic is listed below.

Evaluation of morphological characteristics of retinal vessels

The accurate and timely monitoring of hypertension-related diseases is important for a population screening and follow up, to prevent the …
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The OCT-MAT Project: early diagnosis of ocular edemas

The aim of this project¬†was to develop a practical, user friendly software tool in order to have significant and quantitative …
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Wavelet image analysis

The main targets of the project are (a) medical images and (b) biological images. For medical images we would develop …
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The MICE Project

This activity has been accomplished in collaboration with the dept. of Physics of the Politecnico of Milan. The objective was …
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Development of a WEB-based image analysis service for biological and medical images

The aim of this project is to develop and test novel image processing algorithms for image deconvolution and analysis specifically …
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