ICT technologies, anthropometry, biomechanics, electronic sensors and 3D vision technologies can be combined to implement powerful solutions in the frame of rehabilitation. The know-how developed at the Laboratory spans from experimental work on exoskeletons (the REWALK project), the development of instrumented crutches, the manipulation of 3D point clouds for bio-mechanical modeling purposes (the Smart Gym).

Most of these projects have been carried out in collaboration with our joint Laboratory lead by Prof. Matteo Lancini, the Laboratory of Mechanical and Thermal Measurments of the University of Brescia.

Gait Phases analysis by means of wireless instrumented crutches and Decision Trees

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the development of walking aid systems and in particular of …
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The Smart Gym Concept

Goals Subjects with complete spinal cord injury (SCI) experience several limitations in their daily activities. Rehabilitative gait training by means of powered …
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The ReWalk Project

The objective of this research activity is to analyze and model the behavior of ReWalk™ exoskeletons during SCI patients training. Powered …
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Biomechanical models of human posture based on the dynamics of a disturbance

The objective of this research activity is to analyze and model the behavior of healthy subjects during equilibrium perturbations to understand …
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Surface EMG measurements for muscle activations analysis

The aim of this research activity is to study and develop new automatic methods for the analysis of the SEMG …
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